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May Retreat

19th - 21st May, Ciliau Aeron

FULLY BOOKED Weekend retreat full of connection - to your body, breath & magic. Come with friends or make new ones over the weekend

Creativity for Healing (1).png

Creativity for Healing - 
Pottery & Yoga

Sunday 23rd April, 11am-3pm

Derwenlas Hall

Soul soothing yoga, meditation & relaxation & pottery workshop


Cylch Phoenix Circle

Sunday 18th September, 1pm - 3pm

Llanilar Hall

connection, community, a safe space to share freely and to learn techniques and tips for thriving in today's changeable world

Tell me more!
Yoga Pose

Flow & Unwind
Tuesday Yoga

6.30pm - 8pm, Buarth Hall, Stanley Rd, Aber

Mindful activation and flow followed by longer held postures and relaxation


Be Nourished

Thursday Yoga Class

Weekly, 6pm - 7.30pm

Canolfan Merched y Wawr, Vulcan St, Aber

Exploring how we can nourish body, mind and soul through mindful yoga, breathwork and relaxation

Fitness for future mothers

Empowered Birth

Date TBC

Tools for an empowered birth, your way

Yoga for Menopause (1).png

Yoga for Menopause / 

From 19th Sept

Mondays 6pm - 7.30pm, Borth Community Hub, Clarach Rd

Yoga, breathwork, meditation & yoga nidra for Menopause / Perimenopause

Pelivc Floor - Connect & Restore.png

Pelvic Floor - 
Connect & Restore

Date TBC

A holistic approach to nourishing your pelvic floor

Image by Akemy Mory

Embracing Shadow

Date TBC

Exploring the treasure filled world of our shadow selves

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Creativity for Healing (1).png

Creativity for Healing - Pottery & Yoga,Meditation, Relaxation

Sunday 23rd April, 11am  -3pm,

Derwenlas Hall


There is something special about creating for the joy of it, with a circle of welcoming people. Combine this with a session of embodied yoga, breathwork and meditation and you have a recipe for a deeply nourishing, fun and relaxing afternoon!

In this particular workshop we will combine:

*Gentle yoga, meditation, breathwork, mantra and yoga nidra (a  beautiful form of guided deep relaxation). 

There will be a focus on returning to centre, coming back into relationship with your body, breath and heart, nurturing your nervous system and welcoming ease and spaciousness....often when we create these conditions healing flows in naturally, to where it's needed.

* A pottery session to create a tealight holder or handle free cup (perfect for your morning coffee or as a ritual cacao cup), lead by the fabulous Carys Boyle Ceramics, working in porcelain and glaze. The session is informal with a focus on enjoying the process, Carys offers guidance on "how to" and shares techniques for decoration while allowing space for each person to create something unique.

Your creation will then be taken to Carys' workshop where she will fire it, and you can collect from me in Aberystwyth shortly after.

*Time to chat and connect over tasty and nutritious vegan lunch 

Please bring a mat, large cushion or bolster, blanket and a mug.

You might also like to bring cosy socks / jumper / journal or paper and pen

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Pelvic Floor - Connect & Restore 

16th January, 3pm - 7pm, Borth Community Hall

£35, concessions available 

This workshop will introduce

a truly holistic approach to working with your pelvic floor and core... Because let's face it, we are woefully lacking in the West when it comes to support / information on how to take care of our pelvic floor! Apart from "do your kegels" (which by the way aren't always what's needed, and the way they're often taught means they don't necessarily translate to a functional pelvic floor) we are provided with very little real world or helpful info or practices. Let's change that! 

Suitable for women and those with vaginas at all stages of life, we will explore the physical, the energetic, the emotional and the mental layers of working to connect to, understand, heal and nourish the pelvic floor.

Part learning opportunity and part delicious yoga, breathwork, relaxation, tea drinking and cake eating, this will be a treat and super practical all in one.

Some of things this learning could help with:

Building a functional, healthy pelvic floor

Pelvic pain

Incontinence (weeing a bit when you jump / run/ cough etc)

Preparing for birth / postpartum / perimenopause / menopause


Recovering connection and tone

Welcoming a positive relationship to your body

More fulfilling orgasms / deeper connection to your erotic life force energy

Helping build confidence and release anxiety and stress around this area /pelvic health

Come along, then tell your daughters / mothers / sisters / loved ones everything you learn Let's start a positive spiral around pelvic health.

NB Please be aware that working with the body and the breath with a particular focus on this area can sometimes release long held memories / emotions etc which means there is the possibility this work can be triggering for some who have experienced sexual trauma. The approach is very gentle, but can also be very powerful, so please check in carefully with yourself that this work is right for you at this time / make sure you have support in place if you feel that you might need it <3

Yoga Pose

Flow & Unwind

Tuesdays, 6.30pm - 8pm, 

Buarth Hall, Stanley Rd, Aberystwyth

£10 per class, book online, (click "Sign Me Up" above) or £8


We will start with breathwork, allowing time to really arrive on our mats. Then moving through smaller movements as we begin to mobilise the body and get energy moving. We will enjoy some activating flow, as you are guided to practice in a way that supports you from the ground up and inside out, allowing you to find freedom of movement that is kind to your body and feels great.

The second part of the class focuses on longer held postures, taking time to allow your body to unravel tension gently, helping your body release physical, mental and emotional stress and patterns that no longer serve you.

All classes end with a guided meditation for deep relaxation.

Friendly and informal class. Beginners are always welcome. 

You will need to bring your own mat, props / blanket and water bottle please.

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May Retreat -
Yes Witch!

May Retreat - Yes Witch! 19 - 21 May,

Ciliau Aeron

A weekend retreat full of connection - to your body, breath & magic. Come with friends or make new ones - this retreat will be welcoming, relaxed, fun & powerful. The weekend will include:

*Pendulum workshop - including making your own and learning how to cleanse, programme, charge and use your pendulum

*Physical yoga practice (4 sessions over the weekend, including mindful slow flow, yin & restorative)

*Breathwork, meditation, Yoga Nidra (sometimes called yogic sleep, yoga nidra is a form of very deep relaxation)

*Mantra / chanting (join in, or just relax and let the sound wash over you)

*Journeying to meet your guides / learning how to work with your guides, how to deepen your connection and clarity of communication with your guides

*Circle time

*Beach trip & fire ritual (weather permitting) with optional sea swim

*Time to read, snooze, chat, pull tarot / oracle cards, enjoy the beautiful walled garden or go for a stroll

Rooms are single occupancy and are either a double, single or bunk room, allocated by names pulled at random once retreat is booked.

To keep costs low, participants are asked to bring a dish to contribute to our evening meal. This also brings a lovely community vibe to evening meals, and if you're worried about cooking a yummy salad is always welcome! Food is vegan and gluten free (although there will also be dairy milk and butter for those that prefer these options and regular bread available).

Breakfast, lunch, teas, coffee, snacks included.

Breakfast: muesli, granola, cereal, porridge, yoghurt, fruit, toast & jams, fresh coffee, teas, juices.

Lunch: Seasonal soup, salad, bread / Dahl, salad, rotis

Snacks: energy balls, cake, biscuits, fruit

Cost for the weekend is £250 per person, with a £125 deposit securing your place. You can book via the "Book Online" page. You will need to click the date and start time to complete the booking.

The remaining £125 is due on 24th April 2023. 

As the retreat date is close, deposits are non refundable.

Final payments are non refundable unless you fill your place, in which case you will receive a full refund minus £25 admin fee. 

Fabulous art is by Jennifer Parks

Nuansa bunga.png

Be Nourished

Thursdays, 6pm - 7.30pm,

Canolfan Merched y Wawr, Vulcan St, Aberystwyth

Block book at £8 per class (4 week block £32, contact me to book) or drop in £10 , Book online, click "Sign Me Up" above

These classes emphasise working in harmony with body and breath, moving with love and presence and finding what resonates for you on that particula.r day.

Including techniques to bring energetic balance and grounding to help move through times of transition and challenge with more ease, and combine movement and stillness in a way that allows you to recenter yourself. Yoga to soothe the soul!

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Prenatal Yoga Class

Empowered Birth

Sunday 23rd October, 10.30am - 5pm, Llanilar Hall


A jam packed day sharing tools and techniques for an empowered birth. We will cover:

*Hypnobirthing  -what it is, how it works and how to use it, practicing hypnobirth, partner hypnobirth and breathwork techniques that will help you enjoy your pregnancy and approach birth feeling calm and confident as well as being amazing techniques to use during labour and birth.

*Active birth - what it is, how it works and different ways to work with it.

*Preparing the pelvic floor for birth and the postnatal period.

*Massage, acupressure, aromatherapy for pregnancy, labour and birth

*Yoga for pregnancy and labour

*How to get the hormones of birth working for you

*How to be a fantastic birth partner

*Navigating fears around birth / building confidence

*How to create a birth environment that supports labour and birth

*Birth plan / postnatal plan

*And more.....

There will also be an optional zoom call follow up on 30th Oct at 7pm where you can ask any questions that have popped up during your hypnobirth / techniques practice.

You will be held in a welcoming, non judgemental,, confidential space where you can freely share any worries, hopes, fears or excitement about pregnancy, birth and beyond.

As well as being a pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher I work as a doula (supporting mothers / birthing people and parents to be as they prepare for birth, through labour / birth and in the early days with their baby), hypnobirth teacher and massage therapist and love including techniques that help people feel confident, calm and empowered on their pregnancy and birth journey.

I have supported hospital births, home births, cesarean births and assisted births and firmly believe there is no right way to birth, only what is right for each woman / birthing person and their partner if they have one.

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Image by Akemy Mory

Embracing the Shadow

Date and time TBC, please contact me if you are interested and I will get in touch once date confirmed

Our shadow is the parts of ourselves that we reject - the parts we don't want others to see but are crying out for some love and nurturing. Shadow work isn't "creepy", infact it's some of the most powerful and nourishing work we can do. It can be challenging as we are faced with the most hidden aspects of ourselves, perhaps long held patterns of shame, anger or guilt, but shadow work is about radical self acceptance, integrating and welcoming ourselves as an authentic whole. 

This workshop will use yoga, breathwork, mantra, energy work and effective techniques to help us explore:

What is my shadow ?

How the shadow comes into play in our lives

How we can embrace the power that comes with vulnerability, self acceptance, self knowledge and stepping into the truth of who we really are 

Techniques to help us stay emotionally safe, strong and steady as we do this work / navigate the often stormy seas of life (Hello 2020 / 2021!) 

If you like the sound of a compassionate, mindful and kind approach to exploring the treasure filled world of our shadow, come along.


NB: Shadow work can be extremely healing and empowering, but when we explore what is hidden there is a chance that we can "re activate" trauma that may have been buried as a coping mechanism, so please consider if this work is suitable for you at this moment in time. If you have experienced deep trauma or have intense mental health challenges that you are working with, this work would best be undertaken one to one with a therapist who can assess if it would be beneficial to you.

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Yoga for Menopause (1).png

Yoga for 
Menopause /


From 19th September

Mondays 6pm - 7.30pm, Borth Community Hub, Clarach rd, £3 per class

Delighted to be teaming up with Borth Community Hub to offer these classes.

Each session will contain yoga, breathwork, meditation and yoga nidra (deep guided relaxation) to support you through this time of transition, to help alleviate symptoms and to approach the process holistically taking into account the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects. No yoga experience required to join.

Perimenopause (the years leading up to menopause) usually starts in your 40's, (but some people begin to experience a change in their late 30's) and lasts anywhere from 2 to 12 years. Menopause marks the day when you haven't had a period for 12 months. It's generally a gradual process, with some people barely noticing and others having a very challenging time.


This transition can come with symptoms such as:
Brain fog / forgetfulness
Feelings of irritability / anger / rage / grief
Mood swings
Increased anxiety
Fatigue / Insomnia / night waking
Hot flushes
Bladder changes - needing to wee more at night, leakage etc

However, although this time can be extremely challenging, it is also a threshold and an opportunity to get to know ourselves deeply, to step into a new sense of integrity of self and power and to give ourselves permission to feel, grow and change.

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Cwtch Yoga
Fairytale Cellist

Saturday 25th June, 1pm - 4.30pm, Buarth Hall

Earlybird price £25 (booked before 16th June)

Full price £30

2 gift places available for anyone who is unable to afford ticket price at moment, please get in touch to book

A blissful session including:

*Super nourishing restorative yoga, breathwork, meditation, deep guided relaxation with Lindsay

* Live music soundscape of cello and song from Aisla Mair Fox

*Being guided through self healing techniques  to help the body release tension and stress gently and bring ourselves back into a state of calm and harmony

*Guided meditation, relaxation and energy bath to promote deep rest, recharge and reconnect to your centre

*Teas, treats, time to chat and have a laugh


Also known as the Fairytale Cellist, Ailsa sings and plays cello at the same time, weaving beautiful improvisations and her own original songs in a highly intuitive journey of sound.  She has worked with many other musicians, movement artists, storytellers and theatre companies in all kinds of performance settings as well as playing for ceremonies.  Ailsa creates music from the heart with strong healing intention and a close connection with the natural world. 


Restorative yoga uses cushions, props and blankets to rest easily and comfortably in different postures, helping your nervous system move out of "stress" mode and into "calm and relaxed" where body, mind and heart can have a chance to rest, be supported and heal.


This session is designed to welcome deep rest and calm, pairing the magic of sound and yoga to create a balm for your body-mind, heart and soul.

Will be held at Buarth Hall, Aberystwyth

1pm - 4.30pm Sat 25th June

Earlybird £25 / full price £30

I have two gifted places available for anyone who wants to come but finances are a barrier, please just drop me a line to arrange claiming one of these places.

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