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Coming Up

Warrior Queen - Embodying the Sacred Feminine

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Sunday 19th May, 10.30am-1.30pm,

Llanilar Hall

Explore the gifts & lessons of the Warrior Queen Archetype

Parent & Baby
Morning Retreat

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Monday 20th May 2024, 10am-1pm, Llanilar Hall

Fun, relaxation and connection for parents and babies

Parent & Baby 4 Week Block

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Starting Thursday 12th January 2024, Llanilar

Informal, welcoming & relaxed parent & baby sessions

Empowered Birth

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Next date TBC

Tools for an empowered birth, your way


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Wednesday 12th June, 6.30pm - 8.30pm, Llanilar Hall

Beautifully calming restorative & yin, sound & essential oils

Be Nourished
Thursday Yoga Class


Weekly, 6pm - 7.30pm

Canolfan Merched y Wawr, Vulcan St, Aber

Exploring how we can nourish body, mind and soul through mindful yoga, breathwork and relaxation

Full Moon Circle - April 

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Wednesday 24th April, 6.45pm  -9.30pm , Llanilar

Come & connect to the magic of the powerful Full Moon in Scorpio

Inner Gold - 
Shadow Work

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Saturday 1st June, 10.30am-1.30pm

How to discover your greatest gifts & lessons by exploring the treasure filled world of our shadow selves

Restore Your Core & Pelvic Floor 6 Week Course

Restore Your Core & Pelvic Floor.png

New dates coming soon

An empowering, holistic, effective course to establish an optimum, reflexive & responsive core & pelvic floor. 

Flow & Unwind
Tuesday Yoga

Yoga Pose

6pm - 7.30pm, Buarth Hall, Stanley Rd, Aber

Mindful activation and flow followed by longer held postures and relaxation

Cylch Phoenix Circle


Next date TBC

connection, community, a safe space to share freely and to learn techniques and tips for thriving in today's changeable world

Tell me more!
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Cwtsh - Restorative & yin yoga, sound, essential oils

Wednesday 12th June, 6.30pm-8.30pm, Llanilar Hall


A candlelight class of:

*Beautifully calming restorative & yin yoga (longer held poses, cushions, blankets, all the cosy stuff)

*Pranayama (breathwork)

*Yoga Nidra (guided, deep relaxation)

*Sound & essential oils

These elements combine to bring about a state of bliss, calm & peace - yoga to soothe your soul!

Time for chats, tea & treats on arrival.

Please bring a mat, bottle of water, 2 x blanket, 1 x bolster or large sofa cushion, 2 x blocks or smaller cushions. We tend to cool down as we relax so wear some warm layers / socks.

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Full Moon Circle -April 2024

Wednesday April 24th, 6.45pm - 9.30pm



Gathering in a small, welcoming circle to connect to the magic of this powerful Full Moon in Scorpio with:


*Ritual & candle magic

*Yoga, pranayama (breathwork), mantra, meditation, relaxation, *herbal teas aligned with this moon and circle time

*You will also receive a Moon Reading and tarot / oracle card pull done especially for you, to help you deepen into what gifts, lessons and opportunities this moon holds for you uniquely. This will be sent via message so you have it to keep and review as often as you like.

No previous yoga experience necessary. Please bring a mat.

Yoga Pose

Flow & Unwind

Tuesdays, 6pm - 7.30pm, 

Buarth Hall, Stanley Rd, Aberystwyth

£10 per class, book online, (click "Sign Me Up" above) or £8


We will start with breathwork, allowing time to really arrive on our mats. Then moving through smaller movements as we begin to mobilise the body and get energy moving. We will enjoy some activating flow, as you are guided to practice in a way that supports you from the ground up and inside out, allowing you to find freedom of movement that is kind to your body and feels great.

The second part of the class focuses on longer held postures, taking time to allow your body to unravel tension gently, helping your body release physical, mental and emotional stress and patterns that no longer serve you.

All classes end with a guided meditation for deep relaxation.

Friendly and informal class. Beginners are always welcome. 

You will need to bring your own mat, props / blanket and water bottle please.

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Parent & Baby Morning 

Parent and Baby Morning Retreat

Monday 20th May 2024, 10am - 1pm

llanilar Hall


This will be a laid back, baby lead event - come as you are! There will be:
*Yoga for parents (gentle yoga to ease physical, emotional and mental tension, release aches and pains, boost energy levels and bring you home to yourself)
*Meditation, breathwork and deep relaxation to help melt away stress and welcome calm

*Reiki will be sent to all parents and babies who wish to receive it during relaxation
*Making a facial massage oil & learning a face yoga & massage routine
*Baby Massage / Baby Yoga - a sweet massage and gentle stretch routine to share with your baby, complete with singing and movements
*Relaxation station - beautiful essential oils, crystal infused waters, aura sprays, flower essences and oracle cards to enjoy
*Tea / herbal tea / coffee and tasty treats to drink and eat while you have time to chat to others - come with friends or make new ones on the day

Cost is £25 , if money is a barrier to attending just get in touch xx

Nuansa bunga.png

Be Nourished

Thursdays, 6pm - 7.30pm,

Canolfan Merched y Wawr, Vulcan St, Aberystwyth

Block book at £8 per class (4 week block £32, contact me to book) or drop in £10 , Book online, click "Sign Me Up" above

These classes emphasise working in harmony with body and breath, moving with love and presence and finding what resonates for you on that particula.r day.

Including techniques to bring energetic balance and grounding to help move through times of transition and challenge with more ease, and combine movement and stillness in a way that allows you to recenter yourself. Yoga to soothe the soul!

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Prenatal Yoga Class

Empowered Birth

Coming soon....please contact me for details


A jam packed day sharing tools and techniques for an empowered birth.

We will cover:

*Hypnobirthing  -what it is, how it works and how to use it, practicing hypnobirth, partner hypnobirth and breathwork techniques that will help you enjoy your pregnancy and approach birth feeling

calm and confident as well as being amazing techniques to use during labour and birth.

*Active birth - what it is, how it works and different ways to work with it.

*Preparing the pelvic floor for birth and

the postnatal period.

*Massage, acupressure, aromatherapy for pregnancy, labour and birth

*Yoga for pregnancy and labour

*How to get the hormones of birth

working for you

*How to be a fantastic birth partner

*Navigating fears around birth /

building confidence

*How to create a birth environment that supports labour and birth

*Birth plan / postnatal plan

*And more.....

You will be held in a welcoming, non judgemental,, confidential space where

you can freely share any worries, hopes, fears or excitement about pregnancy,

birth and beyond.

As well as being a pregnancy and

postnatal yoga teacher I work as a doula (supporting mothers / birthing people

and parents to be as they prepare for

birth, through labour / birth and in the early days with their baby), hypnobirth teacher and massage therapist and love including techniques that help people

feel confident, calm and empowered on their pregnancy and birth journey.

I have supported hospital births, home births, cesarean births and assisted

births and firmly believe there is no right way to birth, only what is right for each woman / birthing person and their

partner if they have one.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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Affordable autumnRetreat (1).png

Inner Gold - Embracing Your Shadow

Saturday 1st June, 10.30am - 1.30pm

Llanilar Hall

Far from being "dark" in a threatening way, our shadow is the parts of ourselves that we reject - the parts we don't want others to see but are crying out for some love and nurturing. Shadow work isn't "creepy", infact it's some of the most powerful and nourishing work we can do. It can be challenging as we are faced with the most hidden aspects of ourselves, perhaps long held patterns of shame, anger or guilt, but shadow work is about radical self acceptance, integrating and welcoming ourselves as an authentic whole. 

This workshop will use yoga, breathwork, mantra, energy work and effective techniques to help us explore:

What is my shadow ?

How the shadow comes into play in our lives

How we can embrace the power that comes with vulnerability, self acceptance, self knowledge and stepping into the truth of who we really are 

Techniques to help us stay emotionally safe, strong and steady as we do this work / navigate the often stormy seas of life

If you like the sound of a compassionate, mindful and kind approach to exploring the treasure filled world of our shadow, come along.


NB: Shadow work can be extremely healing and empowering, but when we explore what is hidden there is a chance that we can come across trauma that may have been buried as a coping mechanism, so please consider if this work is suitable for you at this moment in time. If you have experienced deep trauma or have intense mental health challenges that you are working with, this work would best be undertaken one to one with a therapist who can assess if it would be beneficial to you.

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Babi Mam

Starting Thursday 12th January 2024

10am - 11am, Llanilar

Take some relaxing and nourishing time with your little one. Babi Mam sessions are welcoming, informal and nurturing. Over four weekly sessions we will share:

*Baby massage & reflexology - a beautiful way to bond with your baby and can also help with common niggles such as colic, difficulty settling, teething, constipation etc.

*Gentle stretches for parents focussing on back, neck and shoulders to target the areas most impacted when caring for your baby

*Guided self acupressure & energy boosting & balancing techniques for parents

*Techniques & information on how to help your nervous system regulate / drop into rest and restore even as a busy parent

*A cuppa, yummy treats and time to chat and connect with other parents if you wish

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Warrior Queen - Embodying the Sacred Feminine

Sunday 19th May, 10.30am-1.30pm, Llanilar Hall, £30

Come & explore the powerful gifts, lessons and magic of the Warrior Queen archetype, and how you can work with these in everyday life. This amazing energy is incredibly potent, and especially valuable for those who want to:

*Work on their ability to create / hold / sustain boundaries

*Find / free up their authentic voice & the strength to speak their truth 

*Alter people pleasing patterns

*Find their inner power & courage

*Learn how to trust the "YES / NO" of their body & inner knowing

This workshop will include:

*Yoga / embodied exploration & movement / ritual / breathwork / meditation to connect you to your inner Warrior Queen

*Exploring ways to connect to Warrior Queen in daily life 

*Journeying to find the gifts the Warrior Queen has in store for you specifically

*Goddesses to support your Warrior Queen connection & how to approach them

*Circle time - share or  be an active listener for others

*Time to chat / pull oracle or tarot cards / drink tea and eat treats

This is the third session in my Embodying the Sacred Feminine Series. No need to have attended the first ones to benefit from this one. All genders welcome, sacred feminine energy lives within us all.

Please bring a mat, bottle of water, journal or paper and a pen.

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