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Meditation Class

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My classes, workshops, circles and retreats provide a space for you to be nourished. To come back into connection with your body, breath, heart, mind and soul. To remember your wholeness.  To rediscover the voice of your own innate wisdom and truth. To relish moving your body with love and embrace your need for rest. To welcome presence over perfection and reclaim your magic. 

A large part of my teaching is encouraging students to meet themselves as they are in the present moment. To welcome both light and shadow, explore the practice from the inside out, feel into the transitions of body, breath and emotion and embrace the breath as the source of movement and connection. 


In the physical practice of yoga I welcome non linear movement and exploring the way the pose fits into your body, rather than the other way around! I love working beyond the physical but teach from a foundation built on modern anatomy and holistic movement. I share yoga that is kind to the body and takes into account we are living in different bodies, coming to the mat with different pasts, stories and emotional patterns.

My hope is that in working this way, each person has the space to experience what feels vibrant, free and nourishing to them personally. My classes aim to provide a space for students to hold their own inner enquiry and build a deeper connection to their breath, body and heart as teachers and guides. I teach with love, laughter and deep gratitude to my students for sharing this journey with me.

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